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Facial hair removal with thread

Did you

know that the threading method of facial hair removal could help you if you are allergic to waxing?

Hair removal with thread or (threading) is a healthy and innovative method, one could say anti-allergic, and organic,

Originally used in India, and now very popular in the United States.

This facial hair removal technique is commonly done with cotton or nylon thread, the thread hair removal technique is well known and many people use it because it is a non-invasive method, it is commonly used for hair removal of eyebrows, mustache, neck or all face .

Threaded eyebrows are mostly in demand, because of the way the thread outlines them,

The biggest benefit is that this technique does not stretch the eyelid, and it is said that the hair removal duration is longer than waxing, due to the fact that the thread extracts the facial hair from the root.

This method is widely used by people who are allergic to wax, and this method is not exclusive to ladies, it is also used by gentlemen.

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